Christmas Crafts

I decided to get a bit more creative and festive this year and made a number of different bits and bobs from recycled and natural materials.

I had a stall at the Dublin Flea Market and the NCAD Christmas market in Smithfield, which went really well.

I love the Dublin Flea market. Its has a great atmosphere plus there is loads of things to look at. Check out their website here-

I tried my hand at a bit of pyrography and really got into it.

Pyrography is the art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks, pyrography means “writing with fire”(a fact that I really liked).

I used slices of branches, cut using a bench saw, to burn into. I loved the different smells that were created through burning the different types of wood.

I made Garlands for over the fireplace and decorations for the tree. I used twine and ribbon to string them up and divided each letter, on the garlands, with some conkers. I dried the conkers out in the oven beforehand to stop them from going mouldy.

After the first market I decided to make up some ‘Decorate your own’ packages.  I threaded up some blank slices of wood for people to decorate themselves. Drawings that kids have done on them can then be kept as mementos.  They could also be used as rustic present labels, which look like they have come all the way from the North Pole.

© The photos shown have been created by Rachel Kiernan is not to be used without permission.


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