Knockanstockan Festival 2012 – ‘Thats How The Light Gets In’ & ‘Finding Ouroboros’

Myself and my students in EVE Estuary created an artwork titled ‘Finding Ouroboros’ which was select to be one of the art installations at ‘Knockanstockan festival 2012’. We had great fun setting up and even enjoyed a sneak peak around the festival before it opened.

Follow this link – ‘Finding Ouroboros’,  to see more images of my students and I installation this piece.

IMG_0188DSC_0085 2P1060737


My own artwork ‘Thats How the Light Gets In’, which was also part of the Knockanstockan Festival arts trail, did not go entirely to plan. The piece itself is still in its teething stages and I have been experimenting with different lighting effects and environments to see what works.


The most effective set up is definitely it in a warehouse style setting with flat floors, lots of space around it with the flood lights pointing down from the roof.

The site that I have chosen for electric picnic is much flatter than the one at Knockanstockan however it is still not in it’s most effective setting, live and learn. It’s great to be back working again at my own practice.


© All photos shown have been taken by Rachel Kiernan and are not to be used without permission.


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