‘A Trip to the Moon’ Collaborative Artwork for Body & Soul Festival 2013

A collaborative proposal from my art group in EVE Estuary (a training centre for adults with intellectual disabilities) and myself has also been approved for inclusion in this years Body and Soul Festival.

The title for our project is ‘A Trip to the Moon’.


‘A Trip to the Moon’ will be an interactive sculptural replica of a ‘Paper Moon’ photographic prop.

‘Paper Moon’ photographs were a photographic tradition that started from the 1900’s through to the 1930’s. The tradition involved having your photograph taken while sitting on a prop shaped like the moon.

‘A Trip to the Moon’ will create a scene where people interact with a world of fantasy, and romance, re-live childhood dreams, and memories, in a creative and individualistic way. People can imagine a scene, and play it out on the moon; sit, lie, kiss, play, swoon on the moon, shoot for moon, have a drink on the moon, and have fun on the moon. These are just some of the imagined activities that people can partake in, and its appeal is to people of all ages. We were inspired by the images we found of, couples, friends, family and children posing on the moon. Many of the people were obviously having a good time – smiling and ‘messing about’ for the camera.

‘A Trip to the Moon’ is a self-serve, old style photo-booth. Individual festival goers with modern cameras, telephones, and apps will provide the means to create their own individual pictures to take away free of charge, and that can then be quickly uploaded to various social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, Instagram and flickr.

At the turn of the century there was a general fascination with the moon.

The first successful flight of an airplane by the Wright Brothers in 1903 redefined the realms of possibility for humans and flying to the moon became a goal within the grasp of those on earth.

We see this piece as a symbol of re-defining the realms of possibility in our own lives and shooting for our dreams.


DSC_0065The ethos of ‘Body and Soul’, and the alternative art forms that were exhibited there over the years have provided a space for people to imagine, see and experience the world through different forms. The opportunity to exhibit our artwork at ‘Body and Soul’ will be a fantastic experience- personally, artistically, socially, and educationally for everyone involved in the production of ‘A Trip to the Moon’.

The fun, romantic, mysterious and playful element of this proposal, as well as its invitation for people to engage with this piece will awaken their creative energies. It will create opportunities for people to be together, and have fun- as well as provide a record of that moment in time through photography.

The artwork acts as a re-imaging of the photographic props from the past, and re-articulated in the context of the festival will provide a space for nostalgia, creativity and romance. The piece will act as a platform for great photographic opportunities for the festival goers, and these captured moments are what people will look back on to remember the fun time they had at the festival.

The experience of having our collaborative proposal ‘Finding Ouroboros’ selected, and exhibited in the ‘Body and Soul’ area of Electric Picnic in 2012, as well as at Knockanstocken 2012 was an enjoyable artistic experience, and a great learning experience for all involved in the production of the work, and inspired the submission of this piece for the ‘Body and Soul Festival 2013’.  We love that we are able to continue to progress as an artist collective in this area.



© All photos shown have been taken by Rachel Kiernan and are not to be used without permission.

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