‘One Leads to All’ (Work in Progress)

This piece is titled ‘One Leads to All’ and is a 10ft tetrahedron of light that I am still in the process of creating and perfecting.


A major interest of mine is in symbolism and patterns. Patterns are usually considered to be abstract, mathematical and other worldly forms, yet they are evident in the makeup of everything. Why do we view these forms as being so far removed from nature, when in fact they are involved in the make up of so many elements?

I have begun an exploration into the world of geometry, which itself has opened up to the study of alchemy, platonic solids and the links that have been made between geometry and symbolism throughout history.


The tetrahedron is one of the strongest and simplest of structures within these fields. It is made of four points and six lines. Each point is in direct connection with all of the others, one leads to all. In this it is a unique shape. The tetrahedron is the most stable complex structure in the universe. It is also seen as a powerful symbol, the first of the platonic solids, which represents the energy of fire.


The structure will be an open form which people are invited to view, interact and engage with. People can stand within this space and measure them-selves in relation to it.

Taking influence from the field of mental alchemy- we are the divine creatures, we are part of, if not, the prime artwork. This piece is not about gazing up at something but more about stepping into it and taking part in, interacting with, the artwork.  All points are of equal distance apart, no point is of more importance than the other.

Every step around this sculpture will give you a different view. The angles of a tetrahedron can disturb our spatial complacency. Its aspect changes abruptly as you move around it. While standing still, directly in front of one of its faces, it feels like the shape is constantly moving, popping in and out. This is described as an optical illusion, but maybe it is a manifestation of The Principle of Vibration i.e. that motion is to be found in everything in the universe, nothing rests, and everything moves, vibrates, and circles.


This piece can be viewed as a solid sculptural piece, a place in which to sit and think, to interact in and a space within which you are welcome to perform.

I am thrilled to announce that I will have a new artwork on display at this years Body and Soul Festival.

Having artwork exhibited in the ‘Body and Soul’ area of Electric Picnic in 2012 was an amazing experience for me as an artist. I learnt a great deal and it inspired me to submit my work once again this year.

As stated on the ‘Body & Soul’ website: “You make the festival and now you are helping to form its visual identity”. I love that I am able to physically create in order to be a part of forming a festivals visual identity.

‘Body and Soul’ has allowed for the expression of some amazingly alternative art forms and provided such a great atmosphere, within which people can enjoy them. The walled gardens and woodlands help to heighten your sense of curiosity and exploration.

Body and Soul also falls on the summer solstice, which is seen as a time of change. In sacred geometry the tetrahedron is the basic form of the star tetrahedron, or MerKaBa, which represents a balance between the sun and the earth and the male and female elements within our selves. My sculpture pays homage to these mediations on balance and transformation.



©  Photos shown have been taken by Rachel Kiernan and are not to be used without permission.


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