Halloween 2013

Jaw boneThis year I got up to all sorts for Halloween.

Firstly, as part of my art class in EVE Estuary we created some shrunken heads. These were inspired by an ad that I seen for a ‘Vincent Price halloween shrunken head kit’. Check out EVE Estuary’s blogpost to find out more about this halloween craft – HERE.


In work we also took a trip to Newbridge House and Farm, near Donabate Co. Dublin, to take part in their haunted house tour. The house was decorated with amazing flower arrangements by Christopher White.

While on a trip to Paris the week before Halloween, I picked up a blue cloak in the St. Ouen Flea Market. I created a head-dress out of a broken necklace, a headband from the pound shop that had a big spider with wire legs on it, loads of hot glue, glitter and spray paint. I was going for a flying fish, but I think I ended up looking more like something from Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I was inspired by Australian milliner Margaret Gill’s headwear for ‘The Great Gatsby’.


Flying-Fish blue cloak!
Flying-Fish blue cloak!


Myself and my friends love dressing-up and I for one jump at any given opportunity to do so. This year to celebrate Halloween we decided to go to ‘Samhain Festival’ in Glendalough house Co. Wicklow.

Robot LoveIMG_6224

IMG_5598I created this fine piece of spooky sculpture by just popping a pair of mannequin legs in a large pot, spraying them green and adding tights and shoes.

The following weekend we decided to continue on with the Halloween celebrations and take a trip down to Carrigaholt Co. Clare. Where we had our own mini ‘Burning Man Festival’. I made the man out of bits and pieces of old wood and painted them white. We finished him off by spray painting a face on him, to give him a bit of personality and character.


I made this stickman suit a good few years ago and recently resurrected him. Alan wore it down to the beach while we were burning of our wooden man. This is the video we took of him. It’s just high visibility strips sewn onto an old tracksuit. I am planning on making a much better video of it in action sometime soon.

This was my wax head effigy that I bought in Cyprus around 10 years ago. There was a shop there that was filled with loads of wax body parts. They believed that if you took a wax effigy of an afflicted organ or body part and said a prayer your illness would be cured. We melted that sucker along with our burning man and fixed all of our heads.


© All photos shown have been taken by Rachel Kiernan and are not to be used without permission.

2 thoughts on “Halloween 2013

  1. Hello Rachel,
    My name is Margaret Gill, I am a theatre milliner from Sydney.
    I was just browsing the net , as you do, and came across your blog where you mentioned the headdress I made for The Great Gatsby as your inspiration.
    Firstly I want to say how flattered I am…..and secondly to say what a beautiful headpiece you have created…inspired by mine yes, but with your own individuality.
    It was a wonderful experience working on the film and I am thrilled that it has inspired so many people.
    Keep up the creativity.
    Regards, Margaret


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