I’m just back from a week in Lisbon. Here are a few pictures of some of the things that I seen and done during my trip.




This large scale graffiti piece was created by graffiti artists Blu, Sam3 & Os Gêmeos. They came together in May of 2010 to paint the facade of an abandoned block of houses in Lisbon city.

This block is situated at Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo.

It was created as part of the The Crono Project inititive, in partnership with the City of Lisbon. This project invited Portuguese and world artists “to bring color” to vacant buildings in the city.

I loved the building in the middle which by Sam3 called ‘Thief in the Night’. I have seen his work in Berlin before and loved it there too.

IMG_1435IMG_1457IMG_1606Another area which is known for it’s graffiti is up a hill between Baixa with Bairro Alto. You can ride the Elevador da Gloria up to the top and walk back down for a closer look, this is what I done.


Stencilwork by artist Dalaiama –spotted while out in Cascais, for a day at the beach.


This piece of street art, titled ‘Fado Vadio’, is a tribute to the most famous Fado artists the city has ever produced. Fado is a traditional genre of Portuguese music.

It was created by ‘Movimento dos Amigos de Sao Cristovao’ and is located in the Mouraria Neighborhood.


‘Burning In A Forbidden Sea’ by artist Rui Chafes. This was on show at the Centro de Arte Moderna. It was accompanied by a sound piece titled ‘Filling Egg Shells’ by Irish artist Orla Barry.


IMG_1544I also really liked this piece by Rui Chafes, titled ‘Extinguish My Eyes’.


IMG_1585 IMG_1626

The view from St. George’s Castle

A giant George Melies moon.

A giant George Melies moon



Art Nouveau peep show exterior.

Art Nouveau peep show exterior.

Words of wisdom from Neil Gaiman's comic 'The Sandman, Fables & Reflections' which I was reading while away.

Words of wisdom from Neil Gaiman’s comic ‘The Sandman, Fables & Reflections’ which I was reading while away.  


  I stayed right in the city centre in an apartment with ‘Lisbon Short Stay Apartments Baixa’ Rua Dos Sapateiros 158, 1100-580 Lisbon.


© All photos shown have been taken by Rachel Kiernan and are not to be used without permission.




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