Begin, Middle & End of ‘Begin Creating or Remain the Same’ at Body and Soul 2014


IMG_3435We had an amazing time down at Body & Soul. It has taken me the week to recover but it was worth it. Looking back over the photos that we took, and that I found on Instagram and Facebook, has put a huge smile back on my face.

Brilliant festival, great music, loads to see, do and play around with. Not to mention an amazing group of friends to top it all off…..thanks a million for all your hard work.

No reason to ever grow up and stop dressing up!!!


Special thanks to everyone who took a picture with my piece at the festival and posted them on Instagram. I love them so much!!!

My friend Carrie Lynam had two artworks at the festival.

Hanami: The Pink Tree made a welcome return. She also created another wonderful platform, similar to her piece titled ‘Hex’ at last years Electric Picnic Festival, upon which people could dance and play jenga.


The highlight for me, music wise, was definitely Buraka Som Sistema on Saturday night. Hands down one of the best acts that I have ever seen live. They are a group from Lisbon, Portugal and consist of a DJ, live drummer, DJ/drummer, two MCs, and an MC/dancer.

Blaya, the female MC/ dancer was amazing and she has definitely made it onto our girl-crush list.


© All photos shown have been taken by Rachel Kiernan and are not to be used without permission.


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