Wedding Debut for ‘To the Moon & Back’

My moon was invited to play a part in Mary and Gareth’s ‘Wizard of Oz/ Festival’ themed wedding. The wedding took place last August in the beautiful Clonabreany House in Co. Meath.

137175137179137176Mary and Gareth love going to festivals and fell in love with the moon when they seen it on display at Body & Soul and Electric Picnic Festival. Mary contacted me through email and expressed her desire for the moon to feature in their big day.

The moon shone brightly at the top of the beautifully decorated reception room and I felt honoured to be playing a part in their festivities.

Mary and Gareth had transformed Clonabreany House into a magical wonderland. A yellow brick road lead you from the garden to the reception area and the garden was adorned with with fairy signs, brightly coloured ribbons, giant balloons, pom-poms, banners and garlands. DSC_0204


That morning, while I was setting up, the weather was dark and rain was falling. I was worried that they might not get the weather that they had hoped for. However at around lunchtime the clouds parted and the sun began to shine….I was so happy for Mary and Gareth.

Derek from Memento Photography took some beautiful photographs on the day. Check them out here – Memento Photography – Mary & Gareth’s Wedding



Mary & Gareth’s wedding also featured on One Fab….check it out!- One Fab Day – Mary & Gareth’s Wedding

one-fab-day-featureHere is a little example of what the background lighting looks likes on the moon. They can be set to twinkle or remain constantly on.

© Some photos shown have been taken by Rachel Kiernan and are not to be used without permission.



  1. Tina Smith

    Hi was wanting to know how to get this for my wedding in 2018?


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