A Harty Party Street Feast

Recently I moved into a lovely little cottage in Harty Place, Dublin 8.  It’s a great area of the city and a wonderful place to live. Each year they throw a ‘Harty Party’ to coincide with ‘Street Feast‘ – a day where local lunches are held across Ireland.

Our party was hosted by Marie Greene, a local legend and resident on Harty place for over 20 years.

We brought the mad hatter to the tea-party!




It was a brilliant way to meet our neighbours.

The Harty Party has also become a traditional time to go snooping in each other’s houses.



To decorate our table for the ‘Harty Party’ I brought home some of the decorations that we had made in my art class for our Easter party.


We created a magnificent setting for this annual feast by moving the canteen tables and chairs out to the theatre area, so that we had enough space to create a long banqueting table. We then placed a line of fake grass down the centre of this large table and decorated it with paper flowers, candles and some quirky cups and saucers. Our white trees came in handy once again; we hung playing cards, eggs, paper keys and love hearts from them and dotted them around the table to give a magical forest feel to the space.

The Mad Hatter himself was created out of an old fibreglass clown head prop, that I found on the side of the road many moons ago.

We even created our own tiny doorway and disappearing cheshire cat.


We had so much fun thinking up ideas and working together to bring these ideas to life.

The paper flowers that we created for the tables are so easy to make. There are some step-by-step instructions below and a link to the page where I learnt how to make them.

How to create your own coffee filter flower:

  • Take six coffee filters.
  • Place one inside the other, until you have a stack of six.
  • Flatten the bundle, fold in half and then into a quarter.
  • Dip the edges of the bundle into some watered down poster paint.
  • Hang up to dry over night.
  • Separate each filter once again, re-stack and refold in the same way as before.
  • Staple the corner of this bundle and carefully open out (making sure that you find the centre).
  • Next start to pinch each layer into the centre to form petals.
  • You can also spray paint the flowers after they are put together. This cuts out the need for paint and drying time.

Here is a link to the webpage where we found out how to make them – Coffee Filter Flowersoutput_6lwFHA

© The photos shown here have been taken by Rachel Kiernan and are not to be used without permission.


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