Body & Soul 2015 – Monsters, Myths & Mexicans

This year, I decided not to put in a proposal to Body & Soul for an art installation and instead decided to concentrate on enjoying the festival and having some fun with costumes. Even though I had the greatest of intentions to spend loads of time creating these costumes, I left it to the last minute and ended up rushing around, using anything that I had to hand to create them. This actually worked out quite well as I ended up feeling liberated by my lack of time and materials. Also, because I had not spend hours upon hours racking my brain trying to think up ideas and creating a finished piece, I was not so uptight about how it turned out and even less concerned about damaging it during the festival. Once I had photographed my creations I was then able to let them go.

At previous festivals, I have worried about what would happen to my artwork when people start interacting with it. They have been damaged and I have had to repair them. But this year was different! I was able to wear my creations and witness first-hand how people interacted with them. I loved this so much!

Here are the fruits of my labour. 


This was a real rush job! Looking through my dress-up box, in desperation for the slightest bit of inspiration, I came across an old sombrero. The cone shape reminded me of a nose, so I simple painted the whole thing pink and drew big screwy face on it!

The above photo was taken at the Absolut ‘Midsummer Nights’ bar, which was a wonderful new addition to the festival. I loved it’s overall design and atmosphere – bright, colourful and airy. We spent a good bit of our time here.


Costume number two, was a box over my head!  A cute little androgynous creature who loves to dance and run around the place. I think I enjoyed wearing this costume the most! The perfect second day festival outfit (no need to worry about hair and make-up).


My third (and final) costume was the lion. Taking a second hand sheepskin coat (that I had hanging up in my wardrobe for years) as my starting point, I began to create my creature. On Pinterest, I had seen a lion mask that was created entirely from cardboard; I decided to give this a go myself. I loved working with this readily available material and my trusty glue gun was an essential tool in this operation. I was tempted to paint it up with bright colours and patterns, but I fell for it’s simplicity.

I have such a good group of friends that share my love for dressing up and having a giggle. At this stage, I don’t think we will every grow up and I hope we never do.

Ha ha ha ha😂😂😂😂 #bodysoul15 #redridinghood @threadstories #dressup #thebigbadwolf

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My friend Carrie Lynam has created some amazing masks through the use of crochet, some of which she wore during the festival. Check out more of her creations here –  THREADSTORIES


My friend Catherine Jordan also created a magnificent sea creature, for the festivities. I was tempted to ask her if I could keep the mask as a ridiculous hood ornament for my car. Seeing Mad Max the week previous definitely had an impact on me.

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This years Body & Soul festival did not disappoint and continues to be my number one favourite.


© All photos shown have been taken by Rachel Kiernan and are not to be used without permission.


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