My Dublin Flea Market Poster

Check out my design for the Dublin Flea Market poster, for this month.

Rachel Kiernan - August Flea Poster

A little close-up of the different sections and elements.

Version 2

The home is an important image in my design. So many items at the flea market have been a special part in someone else’s home. The flea market is the beginning for them again; a new home, a new creation, a new person to care for them. It’s here where people have old memories brought back to the surface, or begin creating new ones.

The home in my poster is filled with lots of bits and bobs, each window tells a different story.
All of the items in this house I have accumulated over time. Some toys are actually from my childhood that I re-discovered at a stall in the Dublin Flea Market a few years back; the moment I picked them up, all of my memories from playing with them rushed back.
For the background I used fake grass because, for me, it recalls the traditional fruit market stalls.
I had so much fun creating this piece, I hope you like it.

Dublin Flea Market


© All photos shown have been taken by Rachel Kiernan and are not to be used without permission.


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