‘The Wolf Pack’ – Electric Picnic 2015

Inspired by our collective love of dressing-up and interacting with others, ‘CRACKINREALITY’ (Carrie Lynam and myself) teamed again to create a pop-up performance/ walk-through visual spectacle for this year’s Electric Picnic Festival 2015.

Our creation was called ‘The Wolf Pack’.


The Wolf Pack experience combined performance and visual art to create a memorial engagement for Electric Picnic festival revellers. Curious hand crafted costumes designed to whip up excitement and encourage further investigation, were our tools of engagement. This coupled with a lively performance where ‘The Wolf Pack’ roamed, stalked and hunted on the hills and fields of Stradbally created a visual spectacle for all.

Our costumes considered the elements of scale, movement and light to ensure maximise impact in the whimsical world that is Body and Soul and Electric Picnic.

We concentrated the element of light around the eyes; large and piercing, glowing out from the darkness.


The integration of metallic materials added texture and light.



We roamed the fields and howled at the moon. The power of ‘The Wolf Pack’ brought forth a sense of instinct, appetite for freedom and an awareness of the importance of social connections.


Behind the scenes/Work in progress.


Before we went gold, we tried black.

Even during our downtime we couldn’t help dressing up a bit.


Sparking imaginations and engaging revellers in the wonder and excitement of visual spectacle is the hook on which we hang our creative endeavours. We would like to thank all the team at Body & Soul and Electric Picnic for all of the hard work, imagination and belief that they put into creating such a wonderful festival.


‘CRACKINREALITY’ is made up of myself, Rachel Kiernan (www.rachelkiernan.com) and Carrie Lynam AKA – Threadstories (http://threadstories.blogspot.ie/).


© All photos shown have been taken by Rachel Kiernan and are not to be used without permission.

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  1. Love it, wish I was part of the pack, the costumes look fantastic illuminated at night… My tummy lurched when I saw those pictures as I realised I missed out on all that fun! Well done x


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