Hybrid, Wolf Pack, Yetti, Bomb – Electric Picnic 2016

We had loads of fun (and arty stuff) around Electric Picnic this year.



My art installation entitled ‘Hybrid’ was installed inside the main arena at the Electric Picnic festival 2016. I really liked the allocated space. The backdrop of the Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow tent was perfect and a good few people interacted with the work due to its location.



Check out my earlier blogpost HERE to gain a greater insight into the creation of ‘Hybrid’.

I trawled through Instagram over the last few day and was thrilled to see my wings feature in so many people’s photos. I loved seeing the different ways in which people choose to pose with them. Thank you so much for sharing. Here are the few that I found –



‘The Wolf Pack’

For the second year running, ‘The Wolf Pack’ performed once again.

This year however we were set free around the main arena.


This pop-up performance was created by ‘CRACKINREALITY’  which is made up of myself (Rachel Kiernan) and Carrie Lynam AKA – Threadstories

This years wolves were performed by the wonderful Catherine Jordan, Shane Callaghan, Taissa Grisi and Gerard Connolly.




Check out my previous blogpost about ‘The Wolf Pack’ at Electric Picnic 2015 HERE to get a greater insight into the thinking behind this performance piece.


‘Festival Freak’


I would like to introduce you to my très chic festival freak! It is without a doubt the best costume that I have ever made and worn. The initial design involved a painters overall cover with bundles of silver foil (remnants from the production of crisp packets). This however proved to be quite uncomfortable and not very user friendly, so I cut it in half and glued the tassels onto a pair of leggings….much better!!



I wore my Yetti outfit for most of the weekend but the pants came off for the second day as I transitioned into a glitter pimp. I love how it moves, sparkles and transforms me into a massive monster that load of people wanted to hug. It was so much fun wearing it around the festival.


Finally, myself and my sister Emma had some work in the Global Green section of the festival, in association with ICA Kildare’s Yarn Bomb Project.

We were asked to create some alternative seating, out of recycled materials, to be dispersed amongst the Global Green village. I created this beanbag monster out of old jumpers, knitted bits and bobs, a broken beanbag stuffed with styrofoam packaging, cable ties and hot glue.
We decided to call my beanbag monster ‘Fanny’ for reasons that only the dirty minded of you will notice. She also came with a warming of being likely to bite your bum…sit with caution!!


We also made a giant set of knitting needles and a spool of thread out of pvc piping, an electrical wooden spool and some off-cut of material sourced from Recreate Ireland. I tried out a bit of arm knitting to create giant knitting for the big needles. I followed a video tutorial on utube (posted at the very bottom of this page) and once you get into it, it’s real easy.

We really enjoyed hanging out with the Recreate Ireland team in Global Green at Electric Picnic, On Saturday, when the sun came out, we went into full on make-and-do mode and created some crowns and masks and wore them for the rest of the day.




© Most photos shown have been taken by Rachel Kiernan and are not to be used without permission.

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